Trumptube.tv is a great source to quickly and easily watch everything Donald Trump. Campaign speeches are available live or to replay later. You can also find many TV interviews of the candidate, as well as some of  Mr. Trump’s campaign commercials, and news.

Check out our “special” section on the top links for other interesting videos relating to the campaign.

Not only is the site meant for desktop, but it is also friendly for tablet and phone screens, automatically adjusting to the size of your device. You could be outside a rally, sadly not be able to get in, but still easily watch on your phone.

TO WATCH LIVE: Choose the upcoming event when it is about to take place. You can watch it live, wherever in the world you are occupying at the time. Events often have an invocation and speeches starting about a half hour before. We are only sometimes able to catch them for you.

We usually offer 3 or 4 choices of live stream broadcasts, but favor ones that play the Trump music playlist prior to and after the event. We also update streams, sometimes during the rally, but you wouldn’t know unless you just got here or refresh your browser to see the new lineup.

There is also a video RSS feed available. Click the RSS icon at the top right of the page. We also offer a heads up to events on Twitter @Trumptube_tv .


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