Rush Limbaugh with his NY Gala “mic-gate” conspiracy has lost it

Perceived NY Gala slight of Ted Cruz without all the facts drops him to petty “Conspiracy Rush” mode.

It’s sad to see such a great conservative stalwart playing the buffoon in his last year of an overblown $400 million contract with hopelessly bankrupt iHeart media.

In his first hour today (Fri. Apr. 15), he takes up the torch for Ted Cruz again, complaining about the alleged great microphone conspiracy in the room at the New York Grand Hyatt GOP gala the previous evening. He spoke about how the speech was difficult to hear and ascribed a conspiracy involving much of the media and more specifically Fox News.

They all had to be in on it, he insisted.

The problem with all this is that the microphones were atrocious for Donald Trump and John Kasich’s speeches too. We tweeted out to that effect before Ted Cruz even spoke. You can hear the sound problems by going to the both replays of the Trump speech here and listening yourself.

Limbaugh has attempted to claim that he is a neutral observer to the GOP race during the Primary race. This perceived slight of Ted Cruz, and overblown conspiracy theory about it, tells anyone who cares to know how Limbaugh has become a “neutral” hypocrite.

Like the mainstream network anchors, who feed a pretend neutrality to the news, Limbaugh has picked up the tact and diminishing himself accordingly.

The Great Conservative separation

Ted Cruz has been perpetuating a myth during this campaign that he is the true conservative, that he is the only real conservative. Even though Mr. Trump has not always been a conservative, there is no room in the Cruz tent for someone who has not always been a conservative (at least for the lawyerly argument to knock down the competition). Is there room in the Cruz bible for Saul of Tarsus, as a Johnny-come-lately Christian?

Speaking of the Bible, does anyone else get reminded of the Pharisees and Saducees of Jesus’ time, boring the masses with rote recital in this case, with conservative dogma? There is little that Donald Trump has emphasized in speech after speech that would indicate he has not become a true conservative. And the strength in which he’s spoken about getting the debt down is/was unmatched among the 17 other filed candidates for Republican nominee for President.

Similarly, Limbaugh plays his little neutral game that as of late has often sounded like a monologue filibuster than any meaningful dialogue. He ridicules Trump supporters as “Trumpsters,” relegating even long time listeners to second-class status.

And, in the process of a full Trump vetting, Cruz never quite gets the treatment of past positions and flip flops in the Limbaugh world.

Why did he Cruz accept two big low interest loans from New York values banks, then fail to report them? What about Cruz’ defending the Communist Chinese in its Chinese Tire company copyright infringement/theft of a U.S. tire manufacturer’s patent and subsequent vote on a Senate bill to prevent China from being punished for currency manipulation?

Limbaugh has not been circumspect on the repercussions of a successful candidacy of Ted Cruz. Perhaps that is because Ted Cruz knows the conservative playbook by heart and is good at regurgitating it.

We can expect vicious bitter hatred from Limbaugh buddy Mark Levin towards Trump, but at least Levin is honest in where he is directing his dripping venom at his current object du jour of his contempt.

Limbaugh has been a stalwart in original thought and standing up against liberal and socialistic tendencies of society for so many years. It’s ashamed to see his time as a leading conservative spokesperson–one that ABC Radio Executive Ed McLaughlin took a chance on so many years ago–having run its course.