Trump card: Include Mexican immigration laws in U.S. policy

The “golden rule” of good foreign relations

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto gambled with Trump. The political benefits are huge for an unpopular politician.

With the myriad of charges of bigotry and xenophobia distorting Trump’s tough stance on immigration enforcement, it’s an ideal time for the campaign to pull out a Trump card on the subject.

In the spirit of cooperation and respect for our close southern ally, why not show the respect Mexico deserves by both endorsing and pushing a “Mexican style immigration plan” for the U.S.?

This would help fill out the 10 point immigration plan laid out in the Phoenix speech for more detailed transition team implementation. It would be based on taking the best of the immigration policy laws from not only our Mexican friends, but also the other Central American countries.

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By laying out the solid points of the best parts of the Mexican laws regarding an alien coming to its country for a visit, a visa or wishing to become a citizen, as well as how to deal with those outstaying a lawful visit, the Trump administration would show a solidarity with our friends to the south.

It is one more step in cementing a lasting friendship and diplomatic ties between the new upcoming Trump Administration and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto which began on Thursday.

In the specifics of a Trump administration policy, for example on a tourist overstaying a visa, simply adding a fine for each additional day of overstay like Mexico would send a clear message. It would help the national debt a little bit, as well.

The fact of the matter is, despite the stupidity of political correctness in this country, that immigration laws vary little from nation to nation, including the U.S. It’s just that recent administrations refuse to enforce existing laws.

And of course, the education system is producing ignorance, so Trump’s team needs to really do much in terms of basic education of the citizens who never learned those things in the saboteurs of public education.

[Update: Sunday 9/4] We learned a great deal more about the conversation that went on in Mexico from Mayor Giuliani Sunday morning on CNN’s news program with Jake Tapper. Rudy indicated a commonality in Mexico also having a similar problem protecting its southern border from incursion of illegal immigration from Central American countries south of them. So, in the end, we might see President Nieto building a wall on the Mexican border and making Guatemala pay for it…

* * *

Nieto’s future bright

Speaking of President Nieto, what an amazing coup he pulled off by inviting both U.S. Presidential candidates to speak and thus get an initial meeting with Trump. And his diplomatic wording during the presser was impeccable.

While Trump is a dirty word in Mexico and el presidente is being lambasted for inviting the billionaire candidate, some huge longer term benefits accrued for Nieto’s country, as well as his political future. Trump was in a position where he would have no other choice than to praise and work with Mexico to its latter benefit.

What we saw out of the meeting was the beginning of Trump’s upcoming Midas touch on the U.S. economy to spill over into our neighbors to the south, through a new North American alliance against the major economic powerhouse of China.

For Nieto to hook his political future, as well, to Trump is to not only bring prosperity to Mexico, thus relieving the desire of many Mexicans to jump the Trump wall, but also to seal a bright future for himself.