Norwalk, IA – 1-20-16 Trump rally speech video replay

  • The first Donald Trump speech of the day in this hectic time two weeks before the Iowa Caucuses was an early one to an enthusiastic audience in Norwalk, Iowa.

    A packed audience attended at the Wright Place. “You gotta go out and caucus,” was the main chorus Trump told them.

    Mr. Trump, as is his usual pattern, cited a new poll, this one good news in Florida, in which he has hit the 48% mark, and a whopping 32% lead over closest rival Ted Cruz. See this story for more information.

    During the speech, he stopped and asked a cameraman why he was pointing his camera at an empty part of the room. It has become a theme of Trump’s that while he is packing every venu he attends, the press is nearly always avoiding showing the size of the audience on camera. Once again, Trump shamed the video press over that fact.

    Donald Trump speech of previous day with new endorser Sarah Palin

    This was the first speech after gaining an important endorsement of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin the day before. It was a key political move against his top rival, Texas Senator Ted Cruz who had previously been endorsed in his run for Senator by Palin.

    Trump had been preceded in the past at the venue by Hillary Clinton. He said that a police officer he asked indicated that twenty people showed up for that event.

    On General David Petraeus, Trump emphasized that he should be left alone, not to be further punished for his role in inadvertent leak of a couple classified documents.

    Trump closed with the now-familiar campaign slogan: “We can make America greater than ever before.”

    The candidate spoke for about 41 minutes.

    Original Meeting Itinerary:

    Where: The Wright Place 340 Wright St., Ste. A, Norwalk, Iowa
    When: Wed., Jan 20th, 2016
    Time: 8:30 a.m. CDT / 9:30 a.m. EDT