Trump healthcare: Fox’s Dr. Siegel breaks down, praises Trump’s healthcare proposal

  • Attorney Ted Cruz has falsely claimed that: “A vote for Trump is a vote for Obamacare.” It’s one of the number of Cruze phrases that has given rise to Donald Trump nicknaming Cruz: “Lyin’ Ted.”

    The actual proposal, now available, shows that Trump’s proposal to repeal Obamacare is largely free market based. It eliminates the law requiring an individual to have insurance.

    Dr. Siegel breaks down the seven main points of the Trump plan in the video. In addition, Dr. Siegel wrote a piece for Fox News, which is below:

    A physician’s take on Trump’s health care plan

    From Fox News

    Donald Trump finally released his position paper on health care reform this week, clarifying and strengthening what had been a liability, one that his major opponents, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, had mocked for its inconsistencies and assertions.

    As a practicing physician who has studied and been victimized by the damaging effects of ObamaCare, I was glad to see Trump define his position. I am on the lookout for any plan that aims to undo the worst of ObamaCare: spiraling premiums, limited access to providers, high deductibles that hamstring poor and middle-class patients and heavy federal subsidies and related tax hikes.

    Complex candidate position papers are standard fare, but the fact is that little or none of their detail will be utilized when the election is over. So I’m more interested in broad brush strokes at this point, and the American public should be too. With this in mind, let’s examine the essential bones of Trump’s health care plan, even if it lacks the flesh of the other candidates’. He released seven key points…

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