Endorses: Brother of slain civil rights leader Edgar Evers picks Trump

  • Despite MSNBC’s reporter’s apparent shock and dismay as seen in the clip, the 93-year-old Charles Evers has endorsed Donald Trump for President.

    The endorsement flies in the face of the media outcry against the businessman’s allegedly not having forcefully enough denounced the KKK or the narrative that he must somehow therefore be a racist.

    Yet, Evers, whose brother Medgar Evers was a slain civil rights leader, considered that most people, white and black have some problems with race.

    But, at the same time, he feels that the economy of Mississippi is suffering greatly, and the it’s time for someone with the businessman Donald Trump take the helm. He described how, in Mississippi, the catfish industry requires the shipping of the product to China for processing. He asked why couldn’t Mississippi have a facility?

    “We need jobs here,” said Evers and added he likes Trump because he “shoots from the hip.”

    Evers also endorsed Reagan in 1980.

    He concluded, saying: “I don’t think we should all be Democrats. What have they done for us?”

    He feels that Mr. Trump could be a President for both whites and blacks.