Fox News Hannity 2-11-16 Trump video

  • Trump interviewed by Fox News Sean Hannity

    Greater competition for re-instituting private health care

    February 11, 2016

    On Fox News’ Hannity show this evening, the host elicited some new details from Mr. Trump and his plans, if elected president.

    On the healthcare issue, Trump, who has been consistent in virtually every rally on his position of “repealing and replacing Obamacare,” favors improving free market competition.

    Two ways to do this were mentioned:

    First, is a consistent theme, which has been a thread in numerous interviews, about which he is adamant. It is to end the artificial state lines insurance companies have been using, backed by federal regulation, to create quasi monopolies.

    He has complained that, for example, with his own companies operating in many states, he has not been able to negotiate with greater clout a single deal with one insurance company for all his companies’ employee health plans.

    “…The health insurance industries… they have all these politicians 100% under control,” he said.

    Second, when asked if favored, by Hannity, he indicated that health savings accounts is an idea that he supports.

    Ted Cruz, in both his advertisements and statements, has oddly claimed that a vote for Trump is a vote for Obamacare.  But Trump emphasized again that “Obamacare has to be repealed” and that it will collapse of its own weight  in 2017 regardless.

    Trump has argued that those who are “dying in the streets” of an American city aren’t going to be left behind, that the compassion of the American people must kick in for those who cannot afford to buy insurance.

    Another question concerned Trump’s ideal type of Supreme Court justice he would favor, to name two that would be most like his ideal justices. He named Justice Antonio Scalia and Clarence Thomas. He said that Thomas is a “stalwart and doesn’t get enough credit.”  The two are also arguably the two most conservative justices on the court.

    Trump also indicated that there has been a shift in advertising in the South Carolina primary race. His campaign has decided to pull a negative TV ad campaign and run positive ads. He mentions under what conditions he would have to go negative again.

    Hannity said that in speaking to Trump’s sons—though reluctantly—they gave him many examples of their dad’s generosity over the years towards individuals, a side not well known. This was earlier brought out by Jerry Falwell, Jr. in a Trump address at Liberty University, and contributed towards the Christian higher education president offering his formal personal endorsement of Trump.

    But Trump indicated its a narrative that the press wouldn’t want to write about him and has always been reluctant for people to know about him anyway.

    The entire interview lasts 14:12.