Fox News Sunday Wallace Trump interview
Apr. 3, 2016

  • Chris Wallace becomes argumentative, drops pretense of questioner; turns into debater

    A series of tough, but fair questions brings about a serious interview that gives citizens a better understanding of the issues.

    Chris Wallace, however, dropped the pretense when he began to argue with his interview subject on this day. Wallace claimed that Ted Cruz had no dealings or communication with his SuperPac on assisting to produce the near naked picture of Trump’s wife to Utah voters.

    When Trump accused Cruz of being involved, Wallace jumped in, exclaiming: “No he didn’t!” Wallace started the interview claiming it was a “sometimes contentious” interview.

    Has Chris Wallace become an advocate for Ted Cruz or for a close horse race? Is he deploying a pretense of journalism and skipping asking what the candidate would actually do if elected President? Is he doing some bidding of Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes?