8-22: Pence rally Cedar Rapids, IA
-partial replay –

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    1 – Highlights from Pence speech (tune back for a complete version)
    2 – Pence rally song: “Only in America” by Brooks and Dunn

    News & Notes (Live blog)

    3:14 p.m. – Gov. Pence comes onto stage with his wife…
    3:21 – Pence calling on Hillary to close down Clinton Foundation now and to stop the “pay to play” policy for access…”It’s time Hillary Clinton came clean.”
    2013-2014 Hillary got $21 million from Wall Street in speaking fees
    3:55 p.m. – Speech ended
    different rally music… Country songs in the Pence playlist, including Brooks and Dunn’s “Only in America” – Click on our video #2 above to watch the video version…

    Gov. Pence in Cedar Rapids, IA

    Monday, August 22, 2016

    4 p.m. Eastern / 3 p.m. Central (local) / 2 p.m. Mountain / 1 p.m. Pacific time
    (be aware that any Trump or Pence speech may start early, plus other speakers usually appear 1/2 hour ahead of time scheduled…i.e. join us early.)


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    *The “pool” camera is a single camera shared by all the networks and made available to live streamers. Of all the cameras on the stage in the back of the room, it usually stays trained on the stage. Each of the major network operations take turns running the camera and sending the signal up to satellite (or plug it in to fiber cable) from a truck outside. Among those networks are ABC, CBS, NBC, plus the all-news cable outlets and Associated Press.