VP Candidate Pence speech Dalton, GA
Aug. 29, 2016

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    1 – Fox 5 Atlanta

    News & Notes (Live blog)

    Dalton, Georgia, the location for this rally, is 89 miles northwest of Atlanta via I-75
    7:19 p.m. – Herman Cain makes a speech ahead of Gov. Pence. He declares: “I’m a black man!” “Let me save you some time, Donald Trump is not a racist.”…
    Incidentally, we understand that Gov. Pence will appear on Herman Cain’s morning talk show on WSB Atlanta. Listen to the Herman Cain show at this link.… Cain put together a “Trump card” that shows the “night and day difference between Trump and Clinton.” It is available here.
    Mike Pence is met with great enthusiasm… It sounds like the same speech he has been making…Wonder why the speechwriters creating groundbreaking speeches for Trump don’t take on the Pence speech writing…
    Some nice facts by Pence about Hillary’s last half of schedule not being released to AP until December.
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    Pence speech Atlanta area


    2211 Dug Gap Battle Rd.
    Dalton, GA