Trump rally Washington, Mich.
Apr. 28, 2018* (2 views)

  • April 28, 2018— Mr. Trump holds a rally as counter programming for the Washington DC correspondents’ dinner in a swing state that supported him during the 2016 election. We have two views of the rally: Video #1 is just the Trump speech portion. Video 2, on the other hand includes the full event with pre-Trump speakers and the full Trump rally music playlist that has served so well since rallies during the campaign long before the presidency.

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    1 – Washington Post pool feed video (just the President’s portion)
    2 – Washington Post pool feed video (full rally with music, pre-speakers)

    Trump live streamed rally Washington, Michigan

    Saturday April 28, 2018

    7 p.m. Eastern / 6 p.m. Central / 5 p.m. Mountain Std. Time / 4 p.m. Pacific time


    Total Sports Park
    65665 Powell Rd.
    Washington Township, Michigan
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