5-26 replay: N. Dakota oil conference Trump presser & speech

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    1 – RSBN-TV replay (2 events: Presser and speech later)

    Donald Trump speaks to Petroleum Conference in North Dakota on promoting energy

    Thursday, May 26, 2016

    2 p.m. Eastern / 1 p.m. Central (local) / 12 p.m. Mountain / 11 a.m. Pacific time (local)


    2016 Williston Basin Petroleum Conference
    May 24-26, 2016
    Bismarck, North Dakota

    $50 trillion in known oil and gas reserves on U.S. federal land

    During his speech before the North Dakota Petroleum Conference, Trump spoke of an amazing wealth of energy available to a future America under a Trump administration.

    The presumptive GOP Presidential nominee had earlier stated his theory that climate change is a hoax begun by the Chinese to inhibit economic development in the U.S.

    He also explained his 100 day action plan, which includes:
    -Rescinding all job destroying exec actions, including getting rid of climate action and water rules regulations;
    -Save the coal industry;
    -Ask Trans-Canada to renew its permit (with renegotiation for a “piece of the action” for U.S. residents);
    -Lift moratoriums on energy in federal areas;
    -Cancel the Paris climate agreement and stop all payments of tax dollars to U.N. Global Warming programs;
    -Eliminate duplication;
    -Trust local residents;
    -Future reg test: Is it good for American workers? …or it will not be approved;
    -Public policy decision making / transparency;
    -Take care of resources.

    Trump said his agenda is “job creation.” He said: “There will be consequences” for companies firing American workers and moving abroad.

    “You have to be wealthy to be great, I’m sorry to say,” he added.