8-31: Trump w/Mexican Prez presser replay

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    1 – Fox 10 Phoenix replay

    News & Notes (Live blog)

    Five point Trump plan he outlined:
    1. End illegal immigration both for Mexico and all other Central and South American Countries.
    2. Sovereign border stop drugs, safety for all citizens
    3. Ending drug cartels
    4. Improving 22 year-old NAFTA agreement (benefit both countries to keep business in hemisphere)
    Pay raise, improving pay and working conditions
    5. Keep manufacturing base in hemisphere
    …Trump indicated that the hour-plus meeting was “excellent.”
    Pres. Nieto emphasized that both candidates were invited. He said he’s sure that Mr. Trump is sincere in wanting to build a relationship based on mutual respect. He also indicated he holds the utmost respect for the American Presidential process.

    Trump press conference with Mexican President Nieto

    Wednesday, August 31th, 2016

    Gov. Pence releases statement on Trump Mexico visit

    “What the American people are seeing today is the kind of decisive president Donald J. Trump will be. This meeting begins a relationship where we can talk about the issues we’ve got to resolve between the United States and Mexico, as well as the issues we have in common.” – Governor Mike Pence