Pres. joint statement w/Pres. Macron in Paris
Jeudi., 13 Juillet (2 video versions)

  • July 13, 2017- President Trump in a joint statement with French President Emmanuel Macron from Paris. President Trump explained that the two countries are extricably bound by liberty, as the great Frenchman, Marquis de Lafayette gave up everything, at age 19, to sail to America in 1777 to fight for freedom under General Washington. Trump remarked that Lafayette fought side by side with the Americans so that “‘Liberty would have a country.'”

    It should be noted that private communications between the two presidents is facilitated by the fact that Macron speaks English.

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    1 – White House video
    2 – BFM-TV Paris video without dubbing of Pres. Macron, but dubbing of Pres. Trump into French