7-25: Roanoke VA Trump Town Hall video replay

  • ♦ Click a number to switch video feed. More feeds near air time ♦
    1 – WDBJ-TV CBS 7 Roanoke replay video (raw feed from own camera)
    2 – RSBN TV replay (use like a DVR to shift time and for replay) (overlay muic / pool camera*)

    Donald Trump/Mike Pence Town Hall from Roanoke

    Monday, July 25 2016

    3 p.m. Eastern (local) / 2 p.m. Central / 1 p.m. Mountain / 12 p.m. Pacific time
    (be aware that any Trump speech may start early, plus other speakers usually appear 1/2 hour ahead of time scheduled…i.e. join us early.)

    Photo gallery of rally and line outside

    The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center – The Roanoke Ballroom
    110 Shenandoah Avenue
    Roanoke, VA
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    *The “pool” camera is a single camera shared by all the networks and made available to live streamers. Of all the cameras on the stage in the back of the room, it stays trained on the stage. It is alternatively run by the major networks with news operations, including the big four, plus the all-news cable outlets and Associated Press. On the other hand, the local network affiliates usually bring their own cameras and are not restricted in showing the audience size or a protester. Our multiple live feeds may have different sound quality, video positioning, etc.