Poll stunner: Winning Latino vote; Clinton 51% – 49% overall

  • Trump leading handily in Hispanic voters in new poll

    While the fall Presidential campaign has yet to begin, a new poll conducted for One America News Network tells an untold story. In a potential matchup between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump right now, Clinton leads overall by two points, within the margin of error.

    However, Trump is winning big with one sub group thought to be in the bag for Clinton: the Latinos by a 55% to 45% margin. This is a stunning development which has not been seen before in national polling. Now that this result has come about, all eyes will be on future polls to see if this trend holds.

    If so, it would create a major shift in dialogue of the upcoming Presidential race, should Hillary Clinton indeed become the Democratic Presidential nominee.

    The margin of error of the poll of 1500 respondents is +/- 2.5%. It was conducted for OANN by Gravis Marketing. It polled 40% Democrats, 33% Republicans and 27% independent voters. African-Americans selected Clinton by 87% to 13% margin.