Pres. on Energy Ind. Exec Order
Mar. 28, 2017 replay

  • March 28, 2017—Today, the President signed an executive order called: “American Energy Independence,” a long awaited rollback of much of the Obama climate change legislation.

    READ the order: Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth

    Details from a White House press release:

    “This policy is in keeping with President Trump’s desire to make the United States energy independent.  He believes that we can serve the twin goals of protecting the environment and providing clean air and clean water, getting the EPA back to its core mission, while at the same time, again, moving forward on energy production in the United States.  The United States is the largest producer of oil and natural gas in the world.  We have plenty deposits of coal.  We want to look at nuclear, renewables, all of it.  And again, we can do both to serve the environment and increase energy at the same time.

    “The policy… will look back and it will look forward. It will look back in the sense that there are a number of policies from the Obama administration that the President believes should be reviewed.  Some of them should be taken off the books immediately, to the extent we can.  And it will also look forward to the extent that we will provide the framework, or the beginning framework for a strategy on energy, such that each executive department and agency in the United States government will be responsible for identifying all regulations, all rules, all policies, guidance documents that serve as obstacles or impediments to domestic energy production.

    “And over the course of about 170 days, there will enter a process with the agencies and various offices within the White House to review the plans that they come up with.  And then, after that period, those will serve — those plans will serve as the blueprint for the administration going forward on energy policy.

    “Now, kind of going through the order, there will be a number of, as I said, policies that we think should be taken off the books.  There will be a number of executive orders related to climate change that the previous President issued.  We believe a number of those orders have already kind of run their course.  We also believe that those orders simply don’t reflect the President’s priorities.  And when it comes to dealing with climate change, we want to take our own course and do it in our own form and fashion.

    “There are also policies related to the National Environmental Policy Act.  The Council of Environmental Quality, as some of you may know, published guidance last August dealing with climate change.  That guidance was widely opposed by a number of different industries.  We believe that that guidance goes way beyond what NEPA requires.  We will rescind that guidance.  

    “There’s also language in there on the social cost of greenhouse gasses, social cost of carbon methane and nitrous oxide.  The previous administration put out its own estimates, not in a very transparent fashion, and in a fashion that we believe violates longstanding OMB policy.  So, as a matter of federal policy, those estimates will no longer stand.  We will also take a look at a number of very major regulations announced by the previous administration or promulgated by the previous administration.  Probably the biggest one that I think you all care about the most is the Clean Power Plan, and we will initiate a review of that rule.  The new plant rule, as well, under Section 111(b) of the Clean Air Act will also be reviewed.

    “The coal moratorium that the Interior Department imposed, that will also be rescinded.  We don’t have to go through an EPA process on that.  And then the regulations affecting methane on oil and gas production both at EPA and the BLM, and then the BLM’s hydraulic fracturing all will be reviewed over the course of time to determine whether those actually reflect the policy priority that’s outlined at the beginning of the order…”