Pres. Washington’s Thanksgiving;
His 1789 proclamation (2 videos)

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    1 – Reading of George Washington’s 1789 first Proclamation declaring a Thanksgiving Holiday
    2 – David Barton goes into a deeper dive of history of Thanksgiving


    There is a real desire among Christian churchgoers for their pastor or other faith leader. Read this poll showing 79% support the idea… With the Johnson Amendment to the IRS Code that threatened tax exempt status of religious organizations for speaking out on politics or favoring a candidate in an election likely to become history, a brave new world of religious leaders discussing political life is about to begin in a renewed America…
    There was none of the fiction of separation of church and state. The first amendment never was set up, never ever intended by the Constitution founders to exclude God or Jesus Christ out of public life. Rather, it was to forbid the government from favoring or “establishing” an official church or approved church like England had at the time.
    The Johnson Amendment has struck fear in the “economic” hearts of pastors across the country through its 1954 passage.
    Citizens should consider a reading of the first proclamation in front of their hometown city halls throughout America, creating a festival around the reading, where all the town folks come together. After all, how many Americans feel that this country can be can prosper without the guidance of our Creator? George Washington sure didn’t.

    President Washington gives due thanksgiving thanks to Almighty God

    Proclamation established October 3, 1789 for a Thanksgiving holiday last Thursday of each November

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    1) George Washington (1789);
    2) George Washington (1795);
    3) John Adams (1798);
    4) John Adams (1799);
    5) James Madison (1814);
    6) James Madison (1815)