Mark Taylor prophecy: “red tsunami” still coming
“Stop listening to Satan’s frequency!”

  • November 20, 2018— Prophet Mark Taylor says: “Stop bombarding yourself with the frequencies that belong to the devil himself!” The ex-firefighter who was tapped into something extraordinary in 2011 when he came forth with the prediction/prophecy that Donald Trump would become President continues to talk about the future. And it’s a bright one, he says, with plenty of details and opinion and prayer.

    He also says for people of faith to “loose the battle plans of heaven” and know that “God’s got it.” At the same time, he’s sending out the warning to churches who are tied into a 501(c)3 government non-profit organization. In video/audio 2, he talks about the “Red Tsunami” is still coming in the form of mass exposure of the deep state, more Supreme Court justice appointments for Trump (3 more).

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