Shamp prophecy: Midterm “red tsunami”
Spoken in Sep. 2018

  • September 13, 2018— Prophet Charlie Shamp says there will be a “red tsunami” across the land of people voting Republican to support the President Trump agenda. The first video is just that part of the interview. The second is the whole interview in which he also predicts/prophecies the Supreme Court and South Korea.

    Is it not becoming obvious that a Creator, as the founding fathers were fond of saying, is impacting America to the great benefit of life over death and exposing lies and deception? It is becoming more obvious that that there are those who are getting accurate advanced intelligence of what is going to happen from that Providence–a gift called “prophecy” in religious parlance. Evidently, God is not done with America and He is turning the map more “red.”

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    1 – Elijah List video

    Prophecy: Charlie Shamp says Trump gains in midterms in red tsunami