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    Rudy Giuliani appeared in an interview format…
    3:31 pm ET: Anecdote about Reagan (Mayor worked for him)… He stated something he learned when working for Pres. Reagan: President Reagan always read the New York Times editorial to always know to do the opposite…
    The full Trump speech is now posted below.s
    3:52: Getting rid of the Johnson amendment that prevents church leaders from taking political sides for fear of losing tax exempt status, he said: It’s my only shot at getting to heaven!
    4:00 – “As President, I will be the biggest cheerleader for school choice you’ve ever seen.”

    Trump at Family Research Council meeting live

    Donald Trump Calls For Inner City School Choice In Speech To Values Voters

    Thank you for that wonderful introduction. I am honored to have the opportunity to speak with you today.

    In particular, I wanted to thank our host, Tony Perkins, for his years of leadership, and we all express our support for Tony as he deals with the aftermath of the terrible floods in Louisiana – where two weeks ago I spent some time with some really wonderful people.

    One of the greatest privileges of my journey has been the time I’ve spent with the evangelical community and people of faith across this nation.

    There are no more decent, devoted and selfless people than our Christian brothers and sisters here in the United States.

    I’ve witnessed that incredible generosity all across this land. I saw it during my trip to Louisiana, where Christian volunteers raced to help their fellow citizens in need.

    It’s that spirit of giving that we will need to rebuild Louisiana, and to rebuild this country.

    Yet, our media culture often mocks and demeans people of faith. All the time, I hear from concerned parents how much harder it is for Christian families to raise their children in today’s media environment.

    Your values of love, charity and faith built this nation. So how can it be that our media treats people of faith so poorly?

    One of the reasons is that our politicians have abandoned you.

    So let me state this up front: in a Trump Administration, our Christian heritage will be cherished, protected and defended – and that includes your religious liberty.

    I recently had a chance to visit a church in Detroit: Great Faith Ministries International. It was an amazing experience.

    In my remarks, I spoke about how the African-American Church has, for centuries, been the conscience of our nation. Their unbreakable faith and spirit overcame some of the most difficult periods in our history, leading us all to a better future.

    This is the power of faith. It’s the power to heal, it’s the power to unite, it’s the power to make us all live better lives.

    Our nation today is divided. It will be our faith – in God, in his teachings, in each other – that will lead us back to unity.

    Each of us here today has a role to play in bringing our country together – united in common purpose and common values.

    So let’s talk today about some of the great things we can do together to create a great American future for everybody.

    The first thing we have to do is give our churches their voice back. The Johnson Amendment has blocked our pastors from speaking their minds from their own pulpit. If they do speak out, they are punished with the loss of their tax-exempt status.

    All religious leaders should be able to freely express their thoughts and feelings on religious matters, and I will repeal the Johnson Amendment if I am elected President.

    We are also going to repeal and replace disastrous Obamacare, which gives the government control over the lives of everyday citizens. My opponent wants to have completely government-run healthcare, which would be a disaster for the liberties and freedoms of all Americans.

    One of the biggest issues in this race is the issue of school choice. I can’t possibly emphasize this enough.

    Millions of poor and disadvantaged students are trapped in failing schools. This education crisis afflicts all communities, but none more so than the African-American community.

    The Democratic Party has run the inner cities of America for fifty, sixty, seventy years. Their policies – the policies of Hillary Clinton – have produced only poverty, joblessness, and rising crime.

    I have outlined a new civil rights agenda for our time: the right to a safe community, a great education, and a secure job.

    School choice is at the center of this civil rights agenda.

    My goal is to provide every single inner city kid in America that is trapped in a failing government school the freedom to attend the school of their choice. That means a private school, a religious school, a charter school, or a magnet school.

    School choice also means that parents can home school their children.

    Hillary Clinton opposes school choice because she is controlled by special interests. Her policies will force millions of African-American and Hispanic children to remain stuck in failed government schools, leading to higher unemployment and more poverty.

    My plan will break the government monopoly and make schools compete to provide the best services for our children – including every African-American and Hispanic child in this country.

    This proposal begins with a $20 billion block grant from the federal government for states to pursue school choice programs.

    However, because 90% of education spending is at the state level, I will campaign to get the states to re-allocate another $110 billion of their education budgets to school choice programs.

    If we do this, that would mean $12,000 in school choice funds for every disadvantaged student in America.

    The money will follow the student – to the public, private or religious school that is best for them and their family.

    My Administration will partner with the leadership of any inner city in America that is willing to run a pilot program to provide school choice to every child in that community. In Baltimore, for instance, that would mean more than $15,000 in funds available per student.

    As your President, I will be the biggest cheerleader for school choice.

    This means so much to me: I will fight for every child in this country who deserves a better future.

    The African-American community has heard my message that I can going to make the inner cities safe again, and am going to bring back jobs and good safety – don’t be surprised if, on November 8th, I get more African-American votes than anyone has thought possible.

    Now, let’s talk about another issue that will define the future of this country for generations to come.

    The Supreme Court.

    Earlier this year, we lost the great Justice Antonin Scalia. The next President will not only have to fill this seat, but as many as four, or even five seats in total.

    This will determine whether or not we remain a Constitutional Republic.

    I have pledged to appoint judges who will uphold the Constitution, protect your religious liberty, and apply the law as written.

    We reject activist judges who rewrite the Constitution to impose their own personal views on 300 million Americans.

    I’ve made public a list of judges that would guide my selection process. Hillary Clinton has refused to provide such a list, because she knows the extremist judges she would pick would be rejected by the overwhelming majority of the American public.

    Clinton’s judicial picks would allow her to completely takeover American healthcare, the American economy, and Americans’ religious liberty.

    Another issue in this race of great importance to everyone in this room is the issue of national security. Just today, it was announced that North Korea performed its fifth nuclear test – its fourth since Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State. It’s just one more massive failure from a failed Secretary of State.

    Her policies have also put Iran on the path to nuclear weapons – not to mention the ransom payments.

    At the same time, ISIS is hunting down and exterminating what it calls the “nation of the cross.” ISIS is carrying out a genocide against Christians in the Middle East.

    We cannot let this evil continue. ISIS must be destroyed.

    To defeat ISIS, we must use military warfare, but also cyberwarfare, financial warfare, and ideological warfare.

    We must also establish a bipartisan goal in the United States – and an international goal with our allies – of defeating Radical Islamic Terrorism.

    Just like we won the Cold War by identifying our enemy, and building a consensus to guide a long-term strategy, so too must we do the same with Islamic terrorism.

    By the way, President Obama has allowed Syrian refugees to pour into our country, but it’s almost impossible to get in if you’re Christian.

    I’ve said we need to make safe zones in the region.

    What we absolutely cannot do, is to continue the failed policies of Hillary Clinton that unleashed ISIS and destabilized the Middle East.

    Just look at what her policies have left us with in Iraq, Syria and Libya.

    The problem is, Hillary Clinton is trigger-happy. Her tenure has brought us only war and destruction. She’s just too quick to intervene, invade, or to push for regime change. This creates the power vacuums that are filled by terrorist groups like ISIS.

    My Administration, on the other hand, will work with any country that is willing to partner with us to defeat ISIS and halt Radical Islamic Terrorism.

    It’s an imperfect world. You can’t always choose your friends, but you can never fail to recognize your enemies.

    Unfortunately for our country, our enemies probably hacked into Hillary Clinton’s emails. These are the same emails she destroyed after receiving a federal subpoena — using a software called bleachbit. She even mysteriously lost 13 different phones before the FBI could get them – some were even destroyed with a hammer.

    The other night in the Commander-in-Chief forum, Hillary Clinton answered questions on her emails horribly – it seems with each week, she has a different answer. But there can be no answer when she deletes 33,000 emails, bleaches them so they can never be recovered, an unheard of practice, and then hammers her phones into total silence. Her reviews were not good, but that was because her answers were so bad – and so totally dishonest.

    Hillary Clinton is unfit to be President, for many reasons, the biggest of which her judgement is so bad.

    It’s time to restore honesty and integrity to our government.

    One more issue I want to discuss today is the economy, and helping those in need.

    There is no more charitable group in this country than Christians, and all of us here today are determined to lift suffering Americans out of poverty.

    As your President, I will pursue a complete reform of our economy to bring millions of new jobs into our country.

    That includes massive tax cuts for working families and small businesses. It includes the elimination of all needless job-killing regulations. It includes lifting the restrictions on American energy.

    I will also renegotiate NAFTA, stand up to China, and fight for every last American job.

    Crucially, I will also fight for the American family and American family values. The family must be at the center of any anti-poverty agenda.

    Our country just lost one of the great champions for the American family, Phyllis Schlafly. We send our thoughts and prayers to her loved ones.

    I will be going to her funeral tomorrow.

    Phyllis fought to the very end for a free and prosperous America.

    She understood that to be truly united as a country, we can’t simply turn to government or politicians. The bedrock of our unity is the realization that we are all brothers and sisters created by the same God.

    We are all equal, and we all come from the same Creator.

    If we remember that simple fact, then our future is truly limitless. There is nothing we can’t do.

    There’s a biblical verse that I have often read, and I want to repeat it again because I think it is so important to what we are trying to achieve right now for our country. It’s from 1 John 4: “No one has ever seen God; but, if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.”

    Imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as One People, under One God, saluting One Flag.

    It’s time to stop quibbling over the smallest words, and time to start dreaming about the great adventures that lie ahead.

    This is my promise to all of you.

    Starting in 2017, We Will Be One American Nation.

    It is time to break our ties with the bitter failures of the past, and to embrace a New American Future.

    Together, We Will Make America Believe Again.

    We Will Make America United Again.

    And We Will Make America Great Again.

    Thank you, and God Bless.

    Friday, September 9, 2016

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