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Oct. 29, 2016*

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    – October 29, 2016 – Press release

    ​Hillary Clinton’s Trade Policies Have Decimated Arizona Jobs

    Hillary’s TPP Will Do Even More Damage

    Arizona has suffered from the Clinton policies that sent our jobs and factories to other countries.

    Arizona has lost 12,649 jobs since Clinton’s NAFTA and China trade deals went into effect. The Department of Labor’s Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program certifies 27,052 Arizona jobs have been destroyed by offshoring or surging imports since NAFTA. These numbers are a significant undercount as TAA only covers some, but not all, jobs lost to trade.

    Some of the jobs that moved from Phoenix:

    • ATSCO laid off 254 workers making power steering mechanism and moved the jobs to Mexico in 2014.
    • Jabil Circuit laid off 179 people in 2012 and moved their jobs to China, Mexico and Malaysia.
    • Walbar, Inc laid off 286 workers making turbine engines and moved their jobs to Mexico in 2012.
    • Semiconductor Components Industries laid off 175 workers and moved their jobs to Malaysia.
    • ASM laid off 150 workers and moved their jobs to Singapore.

    Arizona ranchers lost out too. U.S. exports to Canada and Mexico of cattle – one of Arizona’s top agriculture products – fell 59 percent in the first 22 years of NAFTA.

    Hillary Clinton supported the “new, improved” Korea trade deal and said it would create more exports and more jobs. In reality, the U.S. trade deficit with Korea surged $15.4 billion (99 percent). The increase in the U.S. trade deficit with Korea equates to the loss of more than 102,500 American jobs in the first four years of the deal.

    After the Korea Free Trade Agreement, the U.S. trade deficit with Korea in the top ten products that Arizona exports to Korea – including everything from transportation equipment to agricultural products – exploded 80 percent as exports stagnated and imports rose.

    In the first four years of the Korea Free Trade Agreement, U.S. exports to Korea of milk/dairy products – Arizona’s second most important agricultural product – fell 88 percent compared to the annual average of the four years before the Free Trade Agreement.

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that Hillary supports will kill many more Arizona jobs and expose Arizona to costly litigation.

    The TPP would destroy lives in Arizona and across the country. Hillary Clinton doesn’t care. She supports the TPP. Donald Trump will kill the TPP.

    The TPP grants special rights to 387 foreign corporations to sue Arizona before secret international tribunals. These panels can require Arizona’s taxpayers to pay unlimited sums for the corporations’ loss of expected future profits. These foreign corporations need only convince the lawyers that a U.S. or Arizona law violates their TPP rights. Their decisions are not subject to appeal and the amount they can award has no limit.


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