The Donald Trump rally music playlist

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    1 – “God Bless the USA” – Lee Greenwood (intro song)
    2 – “Time is on My Side” – Rolling Stones
    3 – “You Can’t Always Get What you Want” – Rolling Stones (also used as the exit song)
    4 – “Tiny Dancer” – Elton John
    5 – “Nessun Dorma” – Luciano Pavarotti
    6 – “All right now” – Free
    7 – “Rolling in the Deep” – Adele
    8 – “Heart of Stone” – Rolling Stones
    9 – “Let’s Spend the Night Together” – Rolling Stones
    10 – “Uptown Girl” – Billy Joel
    11 – “The Best” – Tina Turner
    12 – “Sweet Child O’ Mine” – Guns ‘N Roses
    13 – “Rocket Man” – Elton John
    14 – “Tell Me” – Rolling Stones
    15 – “Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding” – Elton John
    16 – “R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A. (A Tribute to 60’s Rock) – John Mellancamp
    17 – “Born on the Bayou” – Creedance Clearwater Revival
    18 – “Hey Jude” – Beatles
    19 – “Rockin’ in the Free World” – Neil Young
    20 – “I want it That Way” – Backstreet Boys

    The hits keep coming at a Trump rally

    As people await Mr. Trump to appear, this is some of what you’ll hear

    (Updated: Sept. 26, 2016: “Proud to Be an American” the great Lee Greenwood song that helped Ronald Reagan to victory, is now the Trump rally stage intro song you’ll hear on most of our rally streams as of September (the streams we show that carry the rally music, that is.).)

    A Donald Trump rally is a phenomenon. If you’re lucky enough to get in, you’ll see a some attendees in full costume. You might run into a Trump impersonator or Colonel Sanders (like in Orlando Saturday) or see a few other original creative costumes. There may even be tailgating going on ahead of the event, like in New Hampshire in the middle of winter.

    The venue is almost always too small; people line up beginning at midnight; and thousands have to be turned away (Of course, if they knew about, they’d be pulling up the rally on their smartphones in seconds 😉 )

    And then, there is are the continual interruptions of the paid employees paid to “protest.” These Hillary PAC bought and paid agitators, often with Bernie signs, are quickly escorted away after Mr. Trump yells something like: “Get ’em out of here” and maybe refers to how it’s the only time the many cameras on a platform in the back might turn to show the size of the crowd.

    One clever rallygoer created a sign that could be seen in his strategic location between the cameras and the stage. The back side proclaimed: “Turn the cameras!”

    Rally attendees shout out quips that Mr. Trump often immediately interrupts his speaking to respond to. That can happen because the candidate is unscripted. It also lends an feel of closeness between the candidate and the people attending, that this is an individual who believes in returning the country back to these people.

    During an off day Sunday, we thought we’d have some fun with another aspect of a Trump rally: it’s classic pre- and post-event music that’s played. Therefore, we’ve assembled an ensemble of the regular songs that Donald Trump has chosen for his rallies.

    * * *

    By the way, we usually have three to five live feeds of each rally available for you. But as they new ones come online, we’ll give the premier slots to broadcasts that don’t cut off the live rally music ahead of or after the event.

    Broadcasts will often begin a half hour before the rally scheduled time. Those particular broadcasts sometimes have all the venue sound, which may contain protests, chants, speakers, an invocation, even a pledge of allegiance, but also, the Trump-selected rally music playlist.

    We’ll change the order of the broadcast, add or subtract feeds to leave you the best ones, both just before and even during the event. Only by refreshing/reloading the page can you see any of the changes that may occur, including picking up a last minute feed that plays the rally music. Note that YouTube based broadcasts, like the excellent folks, will cut out the Trump rally music for fear of the BMI/ASCAP rights fees that may go with streaming the songs. Thus, you’ll hear some custom and theoretically royalty free songs.

    Maybe the establishment can’t always get what it wants, but America may end up getting what it really needs.