Trump foreign pol. speech Youngstown, OH
Aug. 15, 2016

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    News & Notes (Live blog)

    It was reported that about 350 local Republicans are attending the speech. It is not a rally and no tickets were offered to the general public… This is one of the few events with no rally music…It is also expected that Gov. Mike Pence will be there to say a few words. He has no rallies or town halls scheduled today. Gov. Pence is next appearing Tuesday in Albuquerque (3 p.m. MDT) and Roswell (8 p.m. MDT), New Mexico. We hope to have them live for you… Just before Mayor Giuliani stepped on the stage, we moved up to the top spot local station WKBN TV’s stream which has with it a local news camera covering the event (i.e. they move it and show the crowd…) Thanks Channel 27 Youngstown!
    2:29 p.m.: Trump comes on stage, reading a speech today. Not only are the teleprompters on each side of the room, but it appears the podium is lit up with a monitor embedded in it too.
    It sounds like he is reiterated much of what has already been stated about foreign policy with little spontaneity, and in the process, bringing the campaign back on track of dealing with the key issues. It’s like a MSM test to see if they will pick up any real issues…Will be interesting to see what his next rally will look like, scheduled for West Bend, WI (corrected) Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m. CDT, local time.

    3:10 p.m.: New proposal of a Commission on radical Islam, hopefully to include members from the religion, he says…It’s goal would including to expose the networks who support Isis…Aggressive “consequences” for those who support radical Islam.

    Trump speech Youngstown State University Ohio

    Monday, August 15, 2016

    2 p.m. Eastern / 1 p.m. Central / 12 p.m. Mountain / 11 a.m. Pacific time
    (be aware that any Trump or Pence speech may start early, plus other speakers usually appear 1/2 hour ahead of time scheduled…i.e. join us early.)


    William H. Pitt Center at the Campus of Sacred Heart University
    Kilcawley Center
    Youngstown, Ohio
    –No public tickets for this private speech. About 350 local Republicans will attend–

    *The “pool” camera is a single camera shared by all the networks and made available to live streamers. Of all the cameras on the stage in the back of the room, it usually stays trained on the stage. Each of the major network operations take turns running the camera and sending the signal up to satellite (or plug it in to fiber cable) from a truck outside. Among those networks are ABC, CBS, NBC, plus the all-news cable outlets and Associated Press.