Tulsa, OK 1-20-16 Trump rally speech video replay


  • A unique aspect to this protest is MSNBC’s live coverage, where a second camera was deployed. That camera was visible in a split screen as it panned the audience. A universal theme of the Trump speech has been to challenge the many camera operators to “pan the room.” Invariably, the cameras keep a tight shot on Trump and refuse to ever show the audience.

    Another big line of his campaign has been the point that he decided not to take big donor contributions, that he’s self-funding his campaign. “I want to be greedy for you!”, he said.


    Note: Watch multiple live feeds by clicking the numbers below the video.

    Calendar item:
    Wednesday, January 20, 2016
    12 noon (local) CDT / 1 p.m. EDT
    Mabee Center
    Tulsa, OK