Trump lowers U.S. drug prices bigly
Oct. 25, 2018

  • Thursday, October 25, 2018- President Trump speaks on the administration efforts to reduce the price the federal government pays for prescription drug for health programs.

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    White House position paper on cutting drug prices

    PUTTING AMERICAN PATIENTS FIRST: Today, President Donald J. Trump is launching actions to confront global freeloading and lower drug prices for American patients.

    • In order to confront global freeloading, President Trump is putting forth a new way for Medicare to pay for certain drugs that is based on prices other developed nations pay.
      • The President’s initiative is projected to reduce Medicare’s payments for these drugs by an incredible 30 percent over the next five years.
    • The President is also putting forward a plan to fix to the perverse incentive that encourages doctors to administer more expensive drugs, raising costs for taxpayers and seniors.
      • Under President Trump’s initiative, doctors would receive the same reimbursement for similar drugs, eliminating an incentive to administer higher-cost drugs.

    CHALLENGING FOREIGN FREELOADING: American patients and taxpayers unfairly subsidize worldwide drug innovation and effectively foot the bill for lower drug prices in foreign countries.

    • Foreign countries currently get much lower prices from drug makers, putting the burden on American patients to subsidize these discounts by forcing higher prices on the United States.
      • Nearly every developed country engages in this unfair practice, yet past administrations simply looked the other way.
      • Some have even threatened American patents to secure these cheap prices.
    • Medicare has shouldered outrageously high prices compared to other countries.
      • Manufacturers charge American wholesalers almost double what is charged in other countries for the most common Medicare Part B drugs.
      • One medication that helps prevent blindness costs Medicare over $1 billion a year, but it would cost just $187 million a year if we paid prices other countries pay.
      • Medicare pays over $1 billion a year for two drugs that treat bone disease, but we could save more than $800 million by paying the prices others countries pay.

    DRIVING DOWN DRUG PRICES: Today’s announcement is the latest bold action in President Trump’s unprecedented effort to lower prescription drug prices.

    • Americans are already seeing real results thanks to President Trump’s efforts. In the 100 days following the release of the President’s sweeping blueprint to lower drug costs:
      • There were 60 percent fewer brand-drug price increases and 54 percent more generic and brand-drug price decreases, compared to the same time period in 2017.
      • More than a dozen drug companies reduced their list prices, rolled back planned price increases, or froze their prices for the rest of the year.
    • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) set a new record for generic approvals last year, approving more than 1,000 generics that will bring an estimated $9 billion in savings in 2018.
      • FDA continued this trend by setting another generic approval record in 2018.
    • The President signed legislation to end unfair gag clauses, which prevented pharmacists from telling patients when they could pay less out of pocket rather than using insurance.
    • The Trump Administration made reforms to stop hospitals from abusing the 340B program by overcharging seniors for their drugs, saving seniors $320 million just this year.
    • The Administration has helped 45 million seniors on Medicare Part D and 20 million seniors on Medicare Advantage by giving those programs new tools to negotiate lower prices.