Anonymous “QAnon” exposed as hoax
OAN investigation

  • September 2018-One America News Network reports that the Q-Anon anonymous messaging is a complete hoax. Interviewing its founder, he states: “people are being exploited by others who are cognizant of that whole process within Trump supporters minds and i feel terrible about that.”

    That’s because that founder, who doesn’t want to be identified, explains that he dropped it and others took it over and turned it into something different than what was his intent was in creating it.

    And the founder now says the new incarnation is dangerous.

    Designed to lure Trump supporters into belief in it, Q-anon’s predictions of what is/was to happen would are false, including its most known one that a pending arrest of Hillary Clinton on October 30, 2017 would happen. It never did.

    Nonetheless, QAnon’s use of human psychology to manipulate its followers’ hopes has resulted in it gaining a lot of traction and popularity.

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