WH Daily Briefing with Sean Spicer
Mar. 29, 2017

  • Wednesday, March 29, 2017—The presser started earlier today, at noon. In a surprise move, Spicer took the first question from left leaning April Ryan of the American Urban Radio Network. We learned that for last night’s White House invitation to all the 100 U.S. Senators and “a guest,” one-third of the Democrat Senators did attend, including Democrat Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

    CNN’s White House correspondent is trying to create a narrative that the President is “detached from reality.” The use of using a humorous line from the President’s speech the night before to Senate members—trying to take it as a serous statement worthy of deep analysis—is a common narrative by a press looking to create a story in an effort to pull down the President. Both CNN and MSNBC carried this presser live and followed it with a “serious” discussion about whether the President was serious or detached from reality. We question whether either of the networks’ panels was serious about its comments…

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    And finally, if you watch the replay closely, you may see Newsmax’s ace reporter John Gizzi do the “glasses trick” again. If you missed it before, it became an internet sensation, redefining “clickbait.” You can watch the original trick on our video feed #2 above.

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