Prophecy & Trump

Tracking the spiritual world surrounding the Trump presidency

Whether supporter or opponent, most would admit that for a businessman to defeat 17 professional politician primary opponents, a media establishemnet out to butcher him, and then Hillary Clinton, that it was nothing short of a “miracle.”

Yet, long before the election, there were a few who prophesied that exactly this would happen, why it would/is happening, and even some specific details of other events that have already or have yet to occur. What’s common in the prophecies is that Donald Trump is considered to be God’s choice, a growing Christian, like a “bull in a china shop” and that he is being used as an instrument to clean up the darkness hanging over America. Along with that is any enemy of his who stands in the way of God’s plan will be removed from a seat of prominence. Megyn Kelly is one to fit that bill. Instead of trying to build her liberal mainstream creds in the debates, she undid her career.

Here’s a starting point of words said in advance of this major turnaround in the country that is now unfolding before everyone’s eyes. (More major prophecies to com.)